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“Khadichai Kubro” girls’ special secondary school began its activity on the  2nd of September 1997.
This educational institution is named after “Ummul mu’minin”, the mother of all faithful, the honoured wife of the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah praise him and grant him peace) Khadicha (may Allah’s mercy be upon her).
The secondary school is situated in the territory of the “Ahmadjon qori” mosque, in Sobir Rahimov district.
Firstly this educational institution was named after Eshon Bobokhon and trained the specialized teachers of religion, etiquette and primary Arabic.
On 25  April, 1997, the secondary school was registered in the Ministry of Justice according to the decision # 26. In 1998 it was registered again and re-named as “Khadichai Kubro”
The main aim of the educational institution is to prepare specialists possessing the deep knowledge of the history and the theory of religion and the religious components of Islam according to the existing needs, guided by “The Low about Education” and the principles in the educational field.
   For the purpose of giving deeper knowledge of special sciences such as Qur’an, tajvid, fiqh, aqoid, hadith and Arabic are taught in separate groups. Besides, beginning with the 2000-2001 academic year the secondary school has been working by the new educational standards. Therefore such secular subjects as chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, mathematics and computer are taught there.   
Only 75 students were taught in the secondary school before. Nowadays number of students increased to 114. Since 1995, 320 students have graduated from this educational institution.
From the first days of establishing the teachers of the special school have been paying great attention to increase their knowledge. Nowadays, 26 teachers of 33 have higher education. In 1997, 14 teachers of the secondary school graduated from the Tashkent Islamic Institute and became the first women possessing higher education in religion. At present more than 10 teachers study in this institute
In 1993, for the purpose of giving the students additional profession the dress-making courses and the cookery circle were founded. Besides that, the students increase their knowledge in the circles of nurses, chess, handwriting, English and Arabic.
“Khadichai Kubro” girls’ special Islamic secondary school is equipped with modern computers, which are widely used in learning of religious and general subjects.
In order to make comprehensive persons from the students they are brought up to respect our nation’s religious heritage, cultural and educational traditions. At the secondary school the competitions of Qur’an, tafsir, aqoid, hadith, the history of Uzbekistan, various contests, celebrations, and conferences are often held.
In 2001 the teacher of the secondary school Haydarova Mo’tabar took part in the competition of Qur’an, which was held in Malaysia and won one of the honourable prizes. Being a teacher in the secondary school she also studies at the Tashkent Islamic Institute.
Year to year the secondary school’s educational and training productivity is increasing and the teachers’ experience as well as teaching skills are being perfected.
The address of “Khadichai Kubro” girls’ special Islamic secondary school: Tashkent city, S. Rahimov district, Olympia estate.
Tel: (3712) 29-41-32.


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