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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:23:22

April 30th in History
1789: George Washington becomes the first US President
1798: US department of Navy established
1803: Louisiana sold to the United States by France
1970: American troops enter Cambodia, Asia
1975: The Vietnam war ends, with the South surrendering to the North

April 30th birthdays
1777: Karl Friedrich Gauss, German mathematician
1870: Franz Lehar, Hungarian composer
1909: Queen Juliana Of Holland
1926: Cloria Leachman, American actress

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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:23:29

May 1st in History
1906: Troops in Paris make many arrests during a May Day protest
1925: The island of Cyprus becomes a British colony
1931: The Empire State Building, in New York, is completed
1960: Gary Powers, in a U2 spy plane, shot down and captured by the USSR
1968: Legoland, in Denmark, opens

May 1st birthdays
1769: Arthur Wellesley, The Duke of Wellington
1916: Glenn Ford, American film actor

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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:23:36

May 2nd in History
1945: Berlin captured by Russian forces at the end of WW2
1986: Radiation released from the Chernobyl accident reach France, Britain

May 2nd birthdays
1729: Catherine The Great
1904: Bing Crosby, American actor and singer

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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:23:43

May 3rd in History
1841: New Zealand becomes a British colony
1906: The Sinai peninsula becomes Egyptian territory
1949: A ten nations conference in London forms the Council of Europe

May 3rd birthdays
1933: James Brown, American singer
1947: Doug Hemming, American actor

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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:23:51

May 4th in History
1904: Work begins on the Panama Canal, Central America
1990: Latvia declares its independence from the Soviet Union

May 4th birthdays
1825: Thomas Huxley, English naturalist
1936: Audrey Hepburn, Dutch born film actress

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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:23:59

May 5th in History
1751: The Portuguese government takes steps to curb the Inquisitions powers
1942: Battle of Coral Sea
1961: Alan Shepard becomes the first American into space
1988: A live broadcast from the top of Mt Everest is made for the first time, by Japanese TV

May 5th birthdays
1512: Geradus Mercator, German map maker
1818: Karl Marx, German author

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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:24:06

May 6th in History
1910: George V becomes the King of England
1937: The Hindenberg airship catches fire and is destroyed while in the USA
1987: Black South African workers go on strike over whites only election

May 6th birthdays
1856: Robert Peary, American Artic explorer
1856: Sigmund Freud, Austrian psychologist
1895: Rudolph Valentino, Silent film star
1915: Orson Wells, American Actor

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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:24:15

May 7th in History
1911: Large demonstrations held in New York, demanding women's right to vote
1915: The liner 'Lusitania' is sunk by German forces off the Irish coast
1943: Tunis, in North Africa, captured by WW2 Allied forces
1960: Leonid Brezhnev becomes the President of the USSR
1973: US President Nixon denies all knowledge of the Watergate affair
1994: The Channel Tunnel opened by the British Queen and French President Mitterand

May 7th birthdays
1812: Robert Browning, English poet
1833: Johannes Brahms, German composer and friend of Schumanns
1840: Peter Tchaikovsky, Russian composer
1840: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Russian composer
1901: Gary Cooper, American film actor
1919: Marie Peron, Argentinian on who 'Evita' was based
1923: Anne Baxter, American film actress

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May 8th in History
1902: The volcano Mount Pelee, in the Caribbean, erupts, killing 30,000 people
1911: Iceland gives the vote to women
1933: Gandhi, in India, begins a hunger strike in protest against the British
1945: Victory In Europe Day (VE Day) declared
1950: American General MacArthur becomes comander of the UN forces in Korea
1984: The USSR and Warsaw Pact countries announce they will boycott the Los Angeles Olympics

May 8th birthdays
1698: Henry Baker, English naturalist
1884: Harry S. Truman, 33rd US President
1926: David Attenborough, English director
1940: Peter Benchley, British Author
1946: Candice Bergen, American actress

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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:24:33

May 9th in History
1922: The Egyptian governmant becomes the country's only legal trader in opium, cocaine and hashish
1940: The RAF begins night bombing raids on targest in Germany
1947: The World Bank opens in Washington, United States

May 9th birthdays
1873: Howard Carter, English egyptologist
1934: Alan Bennett, English playwright and actor
1936: Albert Finney, Actor

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