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Korasuv (also transliterated Kara-Soo and Kara-Sui and Qorawsuw and meaning "black water" in Uzbek) is a town in Andijan Province in eastern Uzbekistan, about 50 km from the district capital of Andijan. It lies in the politically volatile and religiously conservative Fergana Valley along the border with Kyrgyzstan. Its location is latitude 40° 43' 60N; longitude 72° 52' 60E; its altitude is 715 meters.

It is essentially one town with Kara-Suu in Kyrgyzstan, but is separated from the latter by a Soviet-era border which today is tightly controlled by Uzbekistan. Korasuv was the second town in Uzbekistan to be sealed off during the unrest in spring 2005, when some 6,000 Uzbeks fled after the Andijan massacre into neighboring Kyrgyz Kara-Suu.

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