Kukaldosh madrasah  ( 6430 marta o'qilgan) Chop etish

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Murod_bek  17 Dekabr 2007, 21:45:07

Kukaldosh madrasah is situated in the building Kukaldosh which is considered as a rare historical monument belonged to the Muslim board of Uzbekistan.
Muhammad Solikh Khorakhodja’s book «Tarihi jadidi Tashkent» wrote that this madrasah was built by Darveshkhon and called «Madrasah of Darveshkhon». It was written in the manuscripts of 1569-1570. Exactly at years Kukaldosh was built and began its activity.
Kukaldosh is built in traditional architectural style with a wide garden yard and opened verandah and small rooms. There are 38 (thirty eight) rooms in it. When it was built there were classrooms. It was consisted of 3 storied building. In XVIII century bricks of classrooms bricks of ceilings and blue domes of second floor  were  taken  to  the  construction  of  madrasah  «Bekhlarbegi». Kukaldosh  madrasah  was  destroyed hardly after earthquakes in 1966 and 1986. It was reconstructed  several times up to this time. Now of number of constructions are going on in this holly place to teach the students to give them knowledge and education.
A great number of scientists, writers and poets were taught in this ancient educational center. For example: poet Muhammad Aminkhoja Mukimi came to Tashkent and studied in this madrasah in 1880 and 1890. Zokirjon Kholmuhammad ogli Furqat also came and studied in Kukaldosh madrasah 1889 - 1891. Khamza Khakimzoda Niyozi also inhabited in one of the small rooms of this madrasah. Besides of them the number of poets and well-known noble men lived and studied in Kukaldosh, as Hislat, Otli Eshon Bobokhon and others. This tradition was pressed by "œRed Empire" and there was an attempt to erase it from people’s memory. The traditional activities were revived slightly after independence thanks to the faithfulness of Uzbek people. The opening of the Institution in this madrasah is a result of the revival of the traditions.
The main parts of the educational center reconstructed and rebuilt. Up today this process is going on. 14 (fourteen) administrative rooms are rebuilding now.
Tere are 28 high qualified teachers in this institutions. In 2001 - 2002 academic year 179 students studied at this educational center. 59 students graduated from it and went to the Institute of Islam and continued their knowledge. Others are working in different mosques and religious centers of regions of our country.
There are many subjects such as: Koran, hadith, calligraphy and other religious subjects are taught in this madrasah. They can study and enlarge their knowledge.
Besides religious subjects they can learn Uzbek and literature, nature, geography, English, physics, mathematics, astronomy, computer and other secular subjects there. The high-qualified specialists involved to this educational center. There is a well-equipped library, which is maintained with different world and religious books and journals, magazines and the newspapers. There is a good condition for the students who are studying calligraphers individually. There are also circles of subjects as a architects, decorators, artists are constantly work there. Institution is going to enlarge their number of circles in future. Madrasah produced high-qualified specialists who are eager and ready to continue works of our ancestors. They can learn heritage of our ancestors. The aim of teachers is to produce well-educated, honest and well-bred youth for Uzbekistan as other institutes do. There is also a well-equipped sport hall in this madrasah. Every year they win different prizes in the competitions, which are held between madrasahs of the Republic. They take part in these competitions constantly.
The students are constantly taken part in circles of national wrestling (kurash), football, running, tennis, swimming, karate and others.

Our location: 700021. City Tashkent, street Navoi 46.
Phone: 144-12-82.                       

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