Тhe centre of hadith Imam al-Bukhary madrasah  ( 5148 marta o'qilgan) Chop etish

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Murod_bek  17 Dekabr 2007, 21:46:06

The center "Imam al-Bukhary" was established  in within the ansemble Pay-Arik district of Samarkand. It takes the name of the the outstanding scholar, Muhammad ibn Ismail, who was born in 194/810h. 13 shavvol on Friday in Bukhara.
   Al-Bukharies well-known works are: "Ak-Jomyas-sahin" (believed collection), "at-tarix al-kabir" (the great history), "at-Tarix-saqir" (the little history), "al-kuno" (the book of well-known tellers),  "al-Adab al-mufrad" (a book about ethics), "Birrul volidayni" (taking care of parens), "Kitobul ashriba" (the book about drinkings), "Sunan ul-fukoxo" (takin's tarikat) end other hundreds of his unik books are the example to the factthat he was given the titles as "amir of muslims", "Imam of the world" and "shayhul-islam" (the man who devoted his life to Islam).
   Our president said: "œour outstanding scholar's great work made our country famous all over the world". They have great authorities amond the members of islamic world in Mekka and Medina which are acradle of Islam. The main purpose of the centre is teaching students to high morals and ethics who must know the history (of) and theology of relegion, who become followers of Islam imam hatib and teachers  of ethics and Arabic in madrasah.
   Here we teach the student from other republics such as: from Kirgizia, Kazahstan and Turkmania.
   Teaching center continued his activity from the 22nd of January in 1999 and was licnced as center of hadith and certified by the Ministry of Justice.
   From 1999-2000 academy year the students began to study simultaneously worldly and religious subjects. There are 90 students studying there.
There are 20 qualified teachers bring  up the youth in high spiritual culture.
The students are taught to the knowledge  of hadith, the life of followers and  the history  of Islam. They study translation of the Quran, the main rules of Muslims, the  history of Uzbekistan, mathematics, physics, and foreign languages.
The center has a rich library where the students can learn the political and fiction literature.
Sport is a great charm among students.
They are taught handicraft and hairdresser’s work there.
The center has a building containing of 20 rooms.
They are mosque, a library, a computer-room, a dining-room, the official rooms and others.
Today the graduates of the center are continuing their study in Tashkent Islam University and in other institutes. They are imam hatibs, teachers of Arabic, followers of Islam religion among the people.

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