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Murod_bek  17 Dekabr 2007, 22:02:27

Secondary special Islam college began its activity in 1991 under the leadership of Ubaydullakhon Lutfullaev in the building at Mulla Kirghiz madrasah. During several years Khoshimjon qori Yusupov, Shamsiddin qori Okhunov, Isaac Makhdum Sattiev and Yakhyokhon hoji Toshkhujaev taught Quran and subjects of Islam (fiqh, aqoid, tajvid) and other subjects. Madrasah named after Mulla Kirghiz Okhund which was born in 1850 in Namangan.
   Mulla Kirghiz Okhund was a specialist of silkworm breeding cotton growing and other branches of agriculture. He was one of the rich man of his time.
   This generous man paid in time and was honestly to his peasants and workers. He was an example of praying too as he read Quran every week and at nights prayed (graced). Mulla Kirghiz Okhund died in 1922 at the age of 72 in Namangan.
   Mulla Kirghiz college was registered in 1998 on August 10 by Ministry of Justice Republic of Uzbekistan. According to Resolution of region governor the madrasah moved to Cupola Masque comfortable to the course of study and with 0,8 hectare area which was built in 1914-15 years by Ataullokhon tura.
   This building has 6 classrooms a library, computer class hostel for 50 morals and education room. Beds, sport-hall and other subsidiary rooms are there. 112 students are studying at the college. During 1991-2001 years 290 students graduate from madrasah and were given the start to serve to our religion and motherland.
   Nowadays the students of this madrasah are studying professional subjects of Islam together with mathematics, physics, chemistry, English, history, ideas of national independence. Muslim board of Uzbekistan always provides the needs of college.
   Students receiving computer knowledge and enjoying in modern computer room. Almost all students are members of library. They read more than three thousand religion, fiction, poetry and political books with interest.
   Teachers and students of college have achieved successes in education and bringing. For example: the teacher of correctly reading Mukhammadali qori Shokhobiddinov won prizes at world competitions in 1991 in Maraca and in 1992 in Mecca which were organized by King of these countries. The student of 4th year Musokhon Abbosiddinov took part in world Quran readers competition in Malaysia in 1999.
   In 2000 Orifkhon qori Sodiqov take 1th place in all aspects and rewarded passed Haj in Republic Competition which was organized by the invitation of chairman of Muslim board of Uzbekistan.
   In madrasah were organized circles in all aspects of Islam religion correct reading, tajvid, fiqh, aqoid.
   National ideology, the heart of nation organized too. Jointly with Namangan region book-keeper preparing educational center was organized. 64 leaders of this groups took diplomas of book-keeper computer specialties. In 2001-2002 academic year chess, draughts, national wrestling and tennis competitions were held among the students.
   In 2000-2001 academic year student Sayfuddin Temirov was first among special Islam colleges and was second after Islam Institute in table-tennis and was rewarded a fitting manner by Islam board and sponsors.
   During the academic year the teachers and students carry out plant trees and shrubs and improvement. The teachers of Mulla Kirghiz madrasah work hard at teaching the youth of our motherland and give an education to the youth in the spirit of defending.

   Address: Mulla Kirghiz secondary special Islam college.
          Namangan, Uychi street — 359
          Phone: (36922) 26-89-30.
          Personal account P.A. 20212000467976001.
                   Namangan House Serving Bank.              

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