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Mir - Arab madrasah is well known in the Muslim world for training competent theologians. Sheikh Mir Arab built the madrasah in 1530 - 1536 with the money, which received by Ubaidullokhan the emir of Bukhara. The full name os Sheikh Mir Arab Said Abdullah al - Yamaniy. He abdicated from the throne and came to Samarkand at the age of 22 to sneak knowledge. In Samarkand Said Abdullah met with Khoja Ahror Vali the follower of Naqshbandiya’s knowledge path. After the death of Khoja his son Muhammad Bakir Introduced him to Ubaydullohon. Then he became very famous among the Bukharian’s noble, he became Emir’s Master of Bukhara. Achievements of Sheih Said Abdullah al - Yamaniy in Sufism were great in Maverennahr. Local folks called him Mir — Arab which mean the Arabian Emir.
   Mir - Arab madrasah is situated in ancient Shakhriston in the center of  Bukhara. The building stands out with its two domes. The entrance of madrasah has a big portal and its gate faces to the sunset. Mir Arab madrasah is a two-story building with 144 hujres (rooms). It has a room with graves. The founders of the madrasah Said Abdullah al - Yamaniy and the emir of Bukhara Ubaidullokhan and other great people were buried there.
   Mir Arab madrasah also stands for friendship among Muslims. This religious institution has played a great roll in different aspect of lives of the countries as Central Asia, Afghanistan, Russia, Iran and for training religious leaders. One of the famous leaders of the Naqhbandiya Kozi Askar and the writer Sadriddin Ayniy studied in this madrasah in the 19th century. Miyon Malik a well-known Hadis scholar of the 19th century Eshoni Bobokhon ibn Abdulmajidkhon the founder of muslims of Central Asia studied and worked there for many years. Besides prominent religius leaders of old time such as mufti Abdurashid Bakhromov the lead of the Uzbekistan Muslims office, Ravil Gaynuddin the lead of muftis of Russia, Olloshukur Poshshozoda the mufti of Republic of Azerbaijan, Usmon Khazoat the mufti of Tataristan, Kimsanboy Abdurakhmonov the mufti of Kirgizistan, Nasrullokhon the mufti of Turkmenistan studied there. Yusuf Shokirov, Abdugani Abdullaev, Mukhtorjon Abdullaev who worked for many years in Uzbekistan Muslims office too. The madrasah was temporarily shut down during the Soviet period. In 1945 it was re-established. At the first academic year only 30 students were admitted to madrasah. According to the due of the religious office continues 9 years: 5 years for primary education 4 years secondary education.
   In August 1998 the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan reregistered Mir Arab madrasah and received the certificate of the committee on religious affairs.
Up to now madrasah has 32 graduation ceremonies and 990 graduates. Students in 1951 - 1991 and 719 students in 1992 - 2001. At present more than 100 students study at the Mir Arab madrasah. Twenty four teachers work at this madrasah. The madrasah admits secondary school graduates aged between 15 - 35. According to the plan that approved in August 18, 2000 by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary education and Uzbekistan Muslims office, the study duration at Mir Arab is indicated for 3 years.
The religious courses are taught according to the curriculum, which approved by Muslims board of Uzbekistan. The madrasah has its traditional classes, such as Tafsir, Hadith and Fiqh as well as public speaking, logics and Arabic language. There is also a computer class, where students get computer skills. The madrasah students can also learn the art of writing and painting.
The library of the madrasah assists the students to learn the sciences profoundly. In unique collections of the library attrect both local and foreign scholars attentions.
Together with religious and secular subjects, teachers and students of the madrasah can also study the lessons of enlightenment and spiritual development of Humane Soviet.
The well-known writers, poets and journalists of Bukhara are invited to these classes to give lectures on different subjects.
The madrasah teachers have been expanding their knowledge in training courses at Tashkent Islam University.
Realizing the importance of sports in bringing up students the administration has organized some extra sports classes such as volleyball, football, tennis, chess and draughts.

The address of «Mir - Arab» Islam secondary-specialized school:
16 Khojanurobod Street
Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Tel: (365) 224-2176   

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