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sanjar1991  28 Yanvar 2013, 20:27:53

Hello everybody. I'm Sanjar Jalilov. I wont to speak in english. Can you help me : )

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kamoliddinov  29 Yanvar 2013, 01:08:25

the best way to learn a language is to live in that environment, To create this environment.
For example for english langauge Environment would be:
Watch more english shows, movies, read articles in english, read blogs, posts, participate in english forums

So by this way you will get into that environment and learning new words starts becoming fun(not hard work).
Also try to talk to someone if you find, if you do not find try to speak yourself using your new words you have just learned. So Learning becomes fun, not really LEARNING. But It requires some time.

This is what I think about learning a language.

~Good luck

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kamoliddinov  29 Yanvar 2013, 01:11:25

By the way, If you have any thought about anything, any concerns then throw them here, We will try to answer or do some postings in English, this might be also helpful. I did not get anything to throw here  ???

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Lu`lu`  01 Aprel 2013, 07:06:56

Kamoliddinop, Санжарбекни ксн ю хелп ми? ларига шууунча жавобиз юк буладию.
Озгина-озгинадан ургатингда  :)

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NANO  01 Aprel 2013, 08:24:55

Sister suzi qolib ketibdiyu! Xadicha

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NANO  01 Aprel 2013, 22:16:26

dear xadicha i don't know what are you talking about.... :)

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Muxsiya  02 Aprel 2013, 09:28:16

сухбат мавзуси умуман бошка томонга бурилиб кетиб колсптику

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Aqoid  02 Aprel 2013, 10:42:24

yes,yes. Ok, ok

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Muxsiya  02 Aprel 2013, 16:51:57

Let's remember the main idea of the topic we want to talk about!!

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kamoliddinov  02 Aprel 2013, 20:56:56

Sorry guys If I am out of scope, But lets select a topic to discuss.
Lets talk about better ways to learn english. I always think that the best way is reading many articles. just small articles(maybe contain up to 1000 words) and should be interesting. This is what I think better than remembering words.
What do you think guys?


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