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Salmoni Forsiy  13 Mart 2008, 16:38:45

Read this article first, then answer questions 61 to 69 below.

"A good book for children should simply be a good book in its own right." These are the words of
Mollie Hunter, a well known author of books for youngsters. Born and bred near Edinburgh, Mollie has
devoted her talents to writing primarily for young people. She firmly believes that there is always and
should always be a wider audience for any good book whatever its main market. In Mollie's opinion it
is essential to make full use of language and she enjoys telling a story, which is what every writer
should be doing: "If you aren't telling a story, you're a very dead writer indeed," she says.
Molly loves telling stories. "I've told stories all my life. I had a school teacher who used to ask us what
we would like to be when we grew up and, because my family always had dogs, and I was very good at
handling them, I said I wanted to work with dogs, and the teacher always said "Nonsense Mollie dear,
you'll be a writer." So eventually I thought that this woman must have something, since she was a
good teacher - and I decided when I was nine that I would be a writer."
This childhood intention is described in her novel, A Sound of Chariots, which gives a picture both of
Mollie's ambition and her struggle towards its achievement.
Thoughts of her childhood inevitably brought thoughts of the time when her home was still a village
with buttercup meadows and strawberry fields - sadly now covered with modern houses. "I was once
taken back to see it and I felt that somebody had lain dirty hands all over my childhood. I'll never go
back," she said. "Never." "When I set one of my books in Scotland," she said, "I can recapture my
romantic feelings as a child playing in those fields, or watching the village blacksmith at work. And
that's important, because children now know so much so early that romance can't exist for them, as it
did for us."
To this day, Mollie has a lively affection for children, which is reflected in the love she has for her
writing. "When we have visitors with children the adults always say, "If you go to visit Mollie, she'll
spend more time with the children." They don't realise that children are much more interesting
company. I've heard all the adults have to say before. The children have something new."

61. What does Mollie Hunter feel about the nature of a good book?

 It should not aim at a narrow audience.
 It should be attractive to young readers.
 It should be based on original ideas.
 It should not include too much conversation.

62. In Mollie Hunter's opinion, one sign of a poor writer is:

 lifeless characters
 complicated ideas
 the weakness of the description
 the absence of a story

63. What do we learn about Mollie Hunter as a very young child?

 She didn't expect to become a writer.
 She didn't enjoy writing stories.
 She didn't have any particular ambitions.
 She didn't respect her teacher's views.

64. What does 'handling' mean in paragraph 2?

 dealing with
 playing with

65. What does 'its' refer to in paragraph 3?


66. How does Mollie feel about what has happened to her birthplace?


67. In comparison with children of earlier years, Mollie feels that modern children are:

 more intelligent
 better informed
 less keen to learn
 less interested in fiction

68. Mollie's adult visitors generally discover that:

 she is a very generous person
 she is interesting company
 she talks a lot about her work
 she pays more attention to their children

69. What is the writer's purpose in this text?

 to describe Mollie Hunter's most successful books.
 to share her enjoyment of Mollie Hunter's books.
 to provide information for Mollie Hunter's existing readers.
 to introduce Mollie Hunter's work to a wider audience.

Qayd etilgan

Salmoni Forsiy  13 Mart 2008, 16:40:06

70. I wish I ____ enough money to travel around the world.

 am having
 would have

71. Gold is ____ valuable, it is also beautiful.

 as well
 very much
 not only

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Salmoni Forsiy  13 Mart 2008, 16:40:52

72. Not only ____ her work on time, but she's also helped her colleague.

 has she finished
 she has finished
 she had finished

73. It's high time ____ out my desk.

 I cleared
 to clear

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Salmoni Forsiy  13 Mart 2008, 16:42:05

74. You ____ better go to pay that bill today.


75. If I ____ you, I'd call the police.

 would be

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Salmoni Forsiy  13 Mart 2008, 16:42:59

76. The ____ of the wire I need is 180 cm.


77. Our luggage should ______ no more than 30kg.


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Salmoni Forsiy  13 Mart 2008, 16:43:50

78. The ____ of China is about 1.3 billion.


79. I'd rather you ____ read my private diary!


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Salmoni Forsiy  13 Mart 2008, 16:44:43

80. I'm sorry your guests have gone. I'd love ____ met them.

 would have
 I had
 to have

81. Look! There's a parcel on the step. It ____ left by the postman.

 must be
 must have been
 should have
 should be being

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Salmoni Forsiy  13 Mart 2008, 16:46:03

82. The teacher wouldn't put ____ the student's poor work any longer.

 up for
 up with
 across to

83. Never ____ had such a terrible headache in my whole life.

 have I
 I did

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Salmoni Forsiy  13 Mart 2008, 16:46:53

84. Claire asked her sister to look ___ the dog while she is away on vacation.


85. Neither David ____ his wife like barbeques.


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Salmoni Forsiy  13 Mart 2008, 16:47:52

86. No sooner ____ the restaurant, than a group of journalists surrounded them.

 they had left
 they left
 had they left
 they would have left

87. You ____ have cooked dinner - I've bought a takeaway.


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