WHOM ARE WE FOLLOWING?  ( 4881 marta o'qilgan) Chop etish

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FBI  11 Aprel 2008, 17:47:37

Assalamu Aleykum Wa Rohmatulloh!
I am just wondering Why we are following the people who wants our blood (kafirs) instead of following the great man, who cried for us 4 hours (days) without stopping(Muhammad s.a.w)?
Do we really Love the Habib of Allaah Muhammad s.a.w?  How one should show his love towards Allaah or to His Rasul? Its by following Qur'an and Hadis...The qur'an has got two sights first the Qur'an itself and second Hadis,  i mean when a persons reads Qur'an its not enough, he should act upon it by the way which was shown by Prophet Muhammed s.a.w
But what happening nowadays, we muslims, we want to be modern, we dont want to follow the way of Sunnah. The things which Allaah loves most, He put them in Muhammad s.a.w   so that we can follow Him and become the loved ones by Allaah. May Allaah gives us ability to become closer to Him and to be the Ashik of Allaah.
Lets  talk about the sunnah aa'mals which we are  observing in our  daily life.
I will start InshAllaah
1.to using the miswak(the american scientist discovered that there are a lot of ood things in miswak, and if u use miswak u do not need even toothbrush, so that miswak will be enough)
2.Drinking in a sitting position with right hand.
3.Eating on the floor, using hand when eating instead of eating with spoon or fork.(to try as much as we can)
4.before going to sleep to recite 4 surahs which starts with Qul.
5.To sleep on right side.
6.To start wearing clothes from right side.
7.Before deciding something to ask advice with nearest (mashvara), Rasulullah s.a.w before deciding important things he always talked with his sahaba r.a.  first.
8.To take g'usl before going to Jumuah and wearing nice and clean clothes.
9.To enjoy good and forbid evil  to other people.
10.Fasting 3 days in each month ( according to hadis 13, 14, 15 days of islamic calendar).

What about others......? :)   

Qayd etilgan