POEM ABOUT WOMAN!  ( 4466 marta o'qilgan) Chop etish

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sn_uk  21 Aprel 2008, 17:44:04

Woman was made from the rib of a man.

She was not created from his head,
to top him.

Not from his feet,
to be stepped upon.

She was made from his side,
to be close to him.

Beneath his arm,
to be protected by him.

Near his heart,
to be loved by him.

Qayd etilgan

sn_uk  21 Aprel 2008, 17:47:32

I am a Muslimah

I am not just a pretty face
I am more than that.
Look at what I do, what I say
And how I act.

This Hijab I wear
That conceals my beauty,
Is a command from Allah
I feel it's my duty.

To cover myself
And lower my gaze,
To present Islam
And people amaze.

To be known for character
And my will to succeed,
Not only in this world
But the one to proceed.

I am a Muslimah.
It's what I was destined to be,
Take a leaf out of my Book
And learn from me.

Qayd etilgan

sn_uk  21 Aprel 2008, 17:50:34

A friend is someone who is with you
They’ll be by your side
You’ll trust them with just everything
And from you they won’t hide.
A friend is someone who will help
And they will lend a hand
They’ll sit with you and bring you comfort
And they’ll understand.
A friend is someone who is giving
They will share with you
They’ll share their toys, books and sweets!
All kinds of things too.
A friend is someone who shows love
The kind that doesn’t fade
The kind that brings a smile and laughter
When you feel afraid. A friend is someone really special
Someone precious too!
And everybody needs a friend
so will that friend be you?

Qayd etilgan