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muxbir  07 Oktyabr 2006, 07:44:11

September 27th in History
1821: Mexican independence
1826: The first ever passenger railway opens in the UK, The Stockton and Darlington
1922: King Constantine I of Greece abdicates
1939: The Polish capital, Warsaw, surrenders to the German army

September 27th birthdays
1722: Samuel Adams, American revolutionary leader
1792: George Cruikshank, English illustrator and caricaturist
1862: Louis Botha, South African politician; PM of Transvaal

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September 28th in History
1745: The British national anthem, God Save The King, sung for the first time
1794: Britain, Austria and Russia form alliance against France

September 28th birthdays
1803: Prosper Merimee, French writer
1916: Peter Finch, English film actor
1934: Brigit Bardot, French born film actress

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September 29th in History
1911: Italy declares war on Turkey over who owns Tripoli, Libya
1916: American John D. Rockerfeller becomes the world's first billionaire
1944: Near the end of World War 2, the Red Army enters Yugoslavia

September 29th birthdays
1547: Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish novelist
1758: Horatio Nelson, English admiral killed at Trafalgar
1901: Enrico Fermi, American nuclear physicist
1943: Lech Walesa, Polish leader; founder of Solidarity trade union

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September 30th in History
1928: Discovery of penicillin announced by Alexander Fleming
1990: The USSR and Israel resume diplomatic relations

September 30th birthdays
1923: Deborah Kerr, English born film actress

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October 1st in History
1908: First Model T Ford produced in Detroit
1949: The People's Republic of China created
1971: Disneyworld opens in Orlando, Florida

October 1st birthdays
1865: Paul Dukas, French composer
1920: Walter Matthau, American film actor
1924: Jimmy Carter, Former (39th) US President
1933: Richard Harris, British born film actor
1935: Julie Andrews, English actress/singer; 'Mary Poppins'

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October 2nd in History
1836: Charles Darwin returns from his voyage on 'HMS Beagle'
1870: Rome becomes the capital city of Italy
1993: President Yeltsin declares a State of Emergency in Moscow

October 2nd birthdays
1847: Paul von Hindenberg, German field marshal and politician
1869: Gandhi, Indian leader of 'passive' resistance
1869: Groucho Marx, US comedian of the 'Marx' brothers fame
1904: Graham Greene, English novelist

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October 3rd in History
1929: Yugoslavia formed, uniting three separate kingdoms
1952: Britain tests its first atomic bomb, on an island off the coast of Australia
1966: Basutoland becomes the independent Lesotho
1990: Germany officially reunified, with Berlin the capital city

October 3rd birthdays
1897: Louis Aragon, French poet
1916: James Herriot, Scottish vet and author
1925: Gore Vidal, American author
1941: Chubby Checker, American rock singer

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October 4th in History
1853: The 'Crimean War' begins when Turkey declares war on Russia
1957: Russia launches the first Earth orbiting satellite, 'Sputnik 1'

October 4th birthdays
1814: Jean Francois Millet, French painter
1895: Buster Keaton,US Actor of silent screen era
1924: Charlton Heston, American actor
1937: Jackie Collins, Novelist

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October 5th in History
1989: The exiled Dalai Lama, Tibet's spiritual leader, is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

October 5th birthdays
1830: Chester Arthur, Former (21st) American  President

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October 6th in History
1883: The Orient Express travells from Paris to Istanbul in almost 78 hours, on its maiden run

October 6th birthdays
1906: Janet Gaynor, Winner of the very first 'Oscar'

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