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muxbir  07 Oktyabr 2006, 07:53:25

November 6th in History
1429: Henry VI crowned King of England
1869: Diamonds discovered at Kimberley, South Africa
1928: In America, Herbert Hoover becomes the 31st President

November 6th birthdays
1814: Adolphe Sax, Belgian inventor of the saxophone
1854: John Philip Sousa, American composer and conductor

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November 7th in History
1872: The ship Marie Celeste sails from New York, eventually to be found deserted
1944: Franklin D.Roosevelt elected for a record fourth term as President
1972: Richard Nixon re-elected as the US president

November 7th birthdays
1867: Marie Curie, First woman to win the Nobel prize for physics
1918: Billy Graham, American evangelist

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November 8th in History
1988: George Bush elected as US President

November 8th birthdays
1656: Edmond Halley, English astronomer
1847: Bram Stoker, Irish author
1900: Margaret Mitchell, American author
1935: Alain Delon, French actor

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November 9th in History
1922: German SS formed
1960: JFK elected as American president,becoming the youngest ever, at the age of 43
1970: General Charles de Gaulle,former leader of the 'Free French'army and President of France from 1958 to 1969,died

November 9th birthdays
1909: Katherine Hepburn, American actress
1934: Carl Sagan, American astrophysicist and author

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November 10th in History
1775: United States Marine Corps founded
1871: Henry Stanley, sent to locate the missing missionary David Livingstone, finally found him
1928: Hirohito crowned Emperor of Japan, aged 27
1989: East German border guards begin to dismantle parts of the 'Berlin Wall'

November 10th birthdays
1483: Martin Luther, German religious reformer
1925: Richard Burton, Welsh actor

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November 11th in History
1918: Germany and the Allies sign the armistice, in a railway carriage in the Compiegne forest

November 11th birthdays
1885: George Patton, Controversial World War II US General

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November 12th in History
1981: US space shuttle Columbia, first space vehicle to make a second trip, launched
1982: Yuri Andropov becomes soviet leader, succeeding Mr Brezhnev

November 12th birthdays
1840: Auguste Rodin, French sculptor
1911: Rev. Chad Varah, Founder of the 'Samaritans'
1929: Grace Kelly, American actress/Princess Grace of Monaco

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November 13th in History
1916: Battle of the Somme ends, with a cost of 60,000 Allied lives
1964: Pope Paul VI donates his jewelled tiara, to the poor of the world

November 13th birthdays
1850: Robert Louis Stevenson, British author
1912: Eugene Ionesco, Romanian born French Playwright
1949: Whoopi Goldberg, American actress

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November 14th in History
1910: The first take off by an aircraft from a ship takes place, from the cruiser Birmingham in Chesapeake Bay
1963: As a result of volcanic activity,the Icelandic island of Surtsey is born

November 14th birthdays
1840: Claude Monet, French painter
1900: Aaron Copland, American composer
1908: Joseph McCarthy, US senator who led the anti-communist 'witch hunts'

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November 15th in History
1837: The shorthand system, 'Pitman', is first published
1901: Hearing aid patented in New York, by Miller Reese
1918: Victory' day celebrated in Britain to mark the ending of the First World War

November 15th birthdays
1891: Erwin Rommel, Leading German General of WWII
1907: Count Claus von Stauffenberg, Involved in the attempt on the life of Hitler
1930: J.G Ballard, American novelist

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