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muxbir  07 Oktyabr 2006, 07:56:09

November 16th in History
1982: The space shuttle Columbia returns to earth after its first ever commercial mission, deploying two satellites

November 16th birthdays
1908: Burgess Meredith, US actor

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November 17th in History
1800: The United States Congress meets for the first time
1869: After work lasting ten years, the 100 mile long Suez Canal opens

November 17th birthdays
1937: Peter Cook, British comedian
1942: Martin Scorsese, American director

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November 18th in History
1626: In Rome, St Peter's Church is consecrated
1963: The Bell telephone company introduce the first push button telephones in the United States.

November 18th birthdays
1901: George Gallup, American pollster
1909: Johnny Mercer, US composer
1923: Alan Shepard, First American astronaut in space

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muxbir  07 Oktyabr 2006, 07:56:38

November 19th in History
1493: Christopher Columbus discovers Puerto Rico
1863: US President Abraham Lincoln, delivers the famous 'Gettysburg' address

November 19th birthdays
1905: Tommy Dorsey, American Bandleader
1917: Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India
1942: Calvin Klein, American fashion designer
1963: Jodie Foster, American actress

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muxbir  07 Oktyabr 2006, 07:56:46

November 20th in History
1945: The Nuremburg war crimes tribunal begins hearings with 24 Nazi leaders, including Hess and Goering, on trial

November 20th birthdays
1908: Alistair Cooke, British broadcaster
1925: Robert Kennedy, American politician
1925: Maya Plisetskaya, Russian Ballerina

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November 21st in History
1783: A Montgolfier brothers hot-air balloon, takes Jean de Rosier and the Marquis d'Arlandes, 500ft above Paris
1953: Skull of Piltdown Man, long believed to be the missing link, proved to be a hoax

November 21st birthdays
1888: Harpo Marx, American comedian
1922: Telly Savalas, American actor
1943: Jacques Laffite, French Grand Prix driver
1945: Goldie Hawn, American actress

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November 22nd in History
1963: Lyndon B Johnson sworn in as the 35th President of America, hours after the assassination of President Kennedy
1975: King Juan Carlos II sworn in as head of state, two days after the death of Spanish dictator General Franco

November 22nd birthdays
1808: Thomas Cook, Founder of the Thomas Cook travel agents
1941: Tom Conti, American actor

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November 23rd in History
1642: The Dutch navigator, Abel Tasman, discovers Van Dieman's Land (later to be re-named Tasmania)

November 23rd birthdays
1859: Billy The Kid, Born William Bonny; legendary US outlaw
1887: Boris Karloff, English actor

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muxbir  07 Oktyabr 2006, 07:57:22

November 24th in History
1963: Lee Harvey Oswald is shot by Jack Ruby

November 24th birthdays
1849: Frances Burnett, British novelist
1925: Alun Owen, American script writer

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November 25th in History
1963: JFK buried at Arlington National Cemetery

November 25th birthdays
1835: Andrew Carnegie, American industrialist and philantropist
1844: Karl Friedrich Benz, German engineer
1914: Joe Dimaggio, American baseball player

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