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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:14:29

March 1st in History
1780: Pennsylvania becomes the first American state to abolish slavery
1932: The baby son of Charles Lindbergh is kidnapped
1954: First American hydrogen bomb test on the island of Bikini
1966: First ever (crash) landing on Venus took place by the soviet probe Venus 3
1978: Coffin of Charles Chaplin stolen, only months after being buried

March 1st birthdays
1810: Frederic Chopin, Polish composer
1902: Langston Hughes, American poet
1904: Glenn Miller, American bandleader
1910: David Niven, Scottish actor
1927: Harry Belafonte, American singer
1954: Ron Howard, American director

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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:14:37

March 2nd in History
1882: Assassination attempt made on the life of Queen Victoria
1958: Antartic crossed for the first time by Dr Vivian Fuchs
1970: Rhodesia gains independence
1986: The British Queen signs a proclamation giving Australia legal independence

March 2nd birthdays
1793: Sam Houston, Texan leader
1931: Mikhail Gorbachev, Former soviet leader

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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:14:44

March 3rd in History
1931: The US adopt the 'Star Spangled Banner' as their national anthem

March 3rd birthdays
1831: George Pullman, US designer of railway carriages
1847: Alexander Graham Bell, American inventor of the telephone
1911: Jean Harlow, American film star
1958: Miranda Richardson, English actress

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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:14:54

March 4th in History
1789: First Congress of the United States held in New York
1861: Abraham Lincoln becomes the 16th President of the United States
1959: Pioneer 4 becomes the first American spacecraft to flyby the Moon
1980: Robert Mugabe forms Zimbabwe's first black government

March 4th birthdays
1678: Antonio Vivaldi, Italian composer
1924: Marlon Brando, American actor

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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:15:01

March 5th in History
1918: Moscow becomes the new capital city of Russia
1946: Winston Churchill uses the term 'Iron Curtain' in a speech

March 5th birthdays
1908: Rex Harrison, English actor

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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:15:17

March 6th in History
1836: The seige at the Alamo, Texas, ends after 12 days with only a handul of survivors
1899: Aspirin was patented by Felix Hoffman
1957: Israel completes its withdrawl from Sinai, Middle East

March 6th birthdays
1475: Michelangelo, Italian artist and sculptor
1619: Cyrano de Bergerac, French novelist
1806: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, English poet
1945: Rob Reiner, American director

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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:15:24

March 7th in History
1876: Telephone patented by Alexander Graham Bell in the United States
1965: American marines land in South Vietnam
1989: Chinese occupying forces fire on Tibetan monks and civilians

March 7th birthdays
1875: Maurice Ravel, French composer
1952: William Boyd, British writer
1960: Ivan Lendl, Czech tennis player

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muxbir  28 Iyun 2006, 05:15:31

March 8th in History
1790: The French Assembly votes to continue slavery in French colonies
1952: World's first artificial heart

March 8th birthdays
1859: Kenneth Grahame, Scottish Author of 'The Wind In The Willows'
1943: Lynn Redgrave, British actress

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March 9th in History
1950: Edgar Rice Burroughs the US novelist, author of the 'Tarzan' books, dies

March 9th birthdays
1933: Philip Roth, American novelist

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March 10th in History
1910: The first film made in Hollywood ('Old Califormia') released
1969: James Earl Ray found guilty of the murder of Martin Luther King and sentenced to 99 years in jail
1977: Uranus rings discovered

March 10th birthdays
1934: Fou Ts Ong, Chinese pianist

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